Arnold also offers professional piano tuning.

Born in Zuerich, Switzerland. My early musical experience was watching my father conduct an 80 piece orchestra with choir of Mozarts Kroenungs-Messe. Then it was on to Elvis and Bill Haley. I was in several Dixieland Bands, which were a big fad all over Europe in the late 50’s. At 22 I moved to Los Angeles to study music while getting involved with a rock-band trying to make it in the Recording-Industry. In 1969 I settled in New Mexico and started teaching and playing Jazz piano.

I teach all ages, starting at about five. I like to draw people in by playing together on two pianos, all the while throwing out directions, explanations, corrections and encouragement. I try to keep the theory as simple as possible, with emphasis on reading chord-charts, Rhythm-exercises and transcribing from recordings. Improvisation by Osmosis! Influences and styles are manifold: Jazz from Ragtime to Bill Evans and Monk, New Orleans Piano music, Brazilian and Salsa, Country and Gospel and some Classical.


Give him a call at (505) 286-3364

Serving the area Since 1974

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